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Training at Home or Local Park

At The London Gym, we understand that with your busy professional life it’s not always possible to plan your visit to our luxury members gym - so we can make your life easier and come to you.

Our trainers will travel to any London location at the time you need; it’s the same personal experience, at your chosen location, at no extra cost.


Your personal trainer will come with a kit-bag full of quality training equipment to help you achieve amazing results at home or in a local park.

You can still enjoy a smoothie, fresh fruit and bottled water and we can also arrange a pick-up or drop-off around your other appointments with a chauffered Mercedes. 

This comes with the same attention to detail, online booking and measurement tools to ensure that you achieve life changing results.

Our home and park personal training equipment includes 


- Kettle bell

- Boxing Equipment

- Power Bags

- Skipping Ropes

- Suspension Trainers

- Slam Balls

- Medicine Balls

- Free Weights

- Exercise mats

- Portable Chin Up / Dip machine

- Swiss Balls

- Yoga blocks

- Aerobic Stepper


- Resistance bands

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