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I have been training now at The London Gym for the last 5 weeks and will be extending for another 3 months, minimum. 


The trainers are second to none. My trainer Maria has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and the great thing about the training is that it is fast pace. They mix the training up, which is amazing because I have a tendency of getting bored if I continue to do the same exercises. She definitely keeps me guessing what exercise I'm doing next.

I'm feeling strong, minus the love handles. Definitely money well spent and the results are astonishing. Amazing attention to the client.


Dean Baquet

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The London Gym has created a unique members club feeling which creates a special environment for the selected and lucky members - 40 in total; 20 in their flagship gym based five minutes from Portland Place and 20 who can train in any London Park or in the comfort of the their home.


It’s set up differently to other Personal Training Gyms.  Once the screening process has been completed  the client selects the package that suits their schedule the best, and pre-books and pays online using a very simple to use booking system.

As soon as the client purchases the suitable package a personal dietician is in touch to plan the perfect diet and, if needed, arrange  blood tests.


The one-to-one personal training is outstanding. The attention to detail is second to none, from tracking progression through an online system to each trainer’s knowledge and experience.


Then you have the little extras. My trainer meets me at my home with a green smoothie in hand and a bottle of Voss water. If you are training outside they will arrange a driver to pick you up and drop you back to your home location.  It’s the fine details like this I love - everything works like clockwork and you can see Nick’s vision of an Exclusively personal Training Company that runs smoother than German Engineering.

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Highly recommend for those who are serious about a body transformation.


The London Gym’s training sessions go past in a flash as they are always varied each time as well as changing up constantly within the hour. The London Gym keep the session moving and essentially it feels personal and thought out in advance, with the right balance of being pushed as well as having a feeling of being in control.


A Personal Training Members Club that’s for the Members. A community-feel factor with the lovely little extras thrown in creating an experience that’s worth the money - and who can put a price on health?


Amazing set up, knowledgeable trainers, attention to detail for each client. Highly recommend.

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Had an amazing experience with the personal trainers at The London gym. They showed great knowledge and expertise to ensure I was able to learn and continue to challenge myself whilst visiting London.

Would highly recommend to anyone who is new or even those with experience wanting to further develop.

The team work around the client’s busy schedule to ensure the sessions happen without fail.  Nick in particular is breath-taking. From his people skills, in how he can click with someone instantly to his two decades of knowledge, Nick knows how to push me in the nicest way possible which kept me looking forward to our next meeting.

 The client customer service received has no rivals - simply amazing.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston

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On behalf of Abdul Majeed Alhokair


Nick from The London Gym has been a loyal guest and friend to Abdul Majeed Alhokair, Nick has been training the family for over a year and delivers an exceptional service simply the best Personal Trainer.

Focused, determined and always easy to speak with, the family felt very at ease with Nick from the early days into the training, he is a trustworthy gentlemen 


We would highly recommend the service he offers to all.

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