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Nick, Master Trainer/Founder

Nick, our founder, has been an Executive Personal Trainer for over 20 years and trained over 1,000 Clients in the UK and internationally. 


His Clients include high-level professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, A-star celebrities, supermodels, sportsmen and Royalty.


Nick believes in hard work and never giving up. It doesn’t matter if you fail; pick yourself up try and try again. Sooner or later, with hard work and commitment, everything pays off.


His experience and dedication to this industry is at the very highest level with outstanding communication skills - he will transform your lifestyle and body. 

“After 20 years in the fitness industry i realised the industry was missing a high end ultimate approach to all-round fitness, supported by the finest attention to detail, highly-personalised service and exceptional customer care. 

The London Gym was created with this and only this in mind the myself and to deliver outstanding lifechanging results.

I am a true believer in, we all take some falls but as long as we Never give up results will come “ - Nick

Anna, Fitness Enthusiast

Anna, a fitness enthusiast and adult figure skater, has been working in the private sector, collaborating with and advising varied Clientele, from high Government officials to CEOs of large corporations and small businesses in Europe, Africa, Asia, CIS and the Americas.

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Joe, Personal Trainer 

Joe lives for fitness! Not many people can truly say they love their job but he believes he honestly can. Growing up, Joe was heavily involved in fitness and sports such as football, golf and squash, in which he competed at a high level and represented his county and the West Midlands.


In his professional life prior to fitness, he worked in the world of finance for over 7 years and has first-hand experience of the strains a "desk life" can put on us and how to counter this through strength and conditioning and making sustainable lifestyle changes through healthy nutrition.


Joe's philosophy to training is always fun, functional and never one dimensional. Whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance, improve your general functionality or if your looking to change your body composition then he’d love to be the one to help you on your journey. He always aims to work towards enhancing your well-being by empowering you with the knowledge, skills, support and guidance to assist you on your unique journey to achieving your goals.

Maria - Executive Personal Trainer

I’m originally from Finland and moved back to London on May 2019. 

For the past 5 years I’ve been working as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and a dancer in different countries.  

I’ve experience instructing classes such as Pilates, yoga, spinning, TRX and pole dance.

Because my background in dancing, fitness and healthy lifestyle has always been part of my life. I’m qualified dancer and I’ve done courses such as basics of sports science to improve my knowledge on health and fitness. 

Currently I’m studying sports and leisure management.


As a personal trainer I’m very versatile and I design training programs based on my clients individual needs and goals. 

I'm passionate about helping my clients to become the best version of themselves, find their limits and go beyond them. Besides focusing on better physique, I want my clients to find a way to create lifelong habits to improve overall well-being.

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Emma Winter – Nutritionist


“We all have our own story and mine led me to become passionate about food. I absolutely love what I do, as I know the impact that eating healthily and understanding what was going on in my own body has done for me”.


Emma helps to motivate her clients to make positive and meaningful changes to their health without being dull or overly restrictive. Having personally witnessed the effects that a busy lifestyle can have on health, she understands the need for no-nonsense regimes based on the most up-to-date scientific research.


As well as advising clients with a variety of health complaints, uniquely, Emma delves deeper to try and get to the heart of what can be causing them. She recognizes that everybody is different and works with each individual to create bespoke strategies that are tailored to their unique needs and health objectives.

Rav - Personal Trainer

After a decade working in the world of PR and Events, Rav decided to pursue his passion of becoming a personal trainer and helping others achieve their fitness goals.


Rav started kickboxing in his early teens and in 2009 travelled to China to further his knowledge in Martial Arts; He spent months training at the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School under the tutelage of Shaolin Monks where he learnt different fighting and training forms.


Upon his return he began boxing, qualified as a personal trainer in 2013 and has been a professional boxing coach since 2015. He holds an instructors licence with England Boxing and has trained hundreds of women and men to achieve their goals, whether that be weight loss, preparing for a fight or simply taking out the frustration of the day (on the pads!)


With decades of experience in numerous fields of fitness and training, Rav will work closely with you, utilising an array of techniques from pad work and kicks through to specifically designed weight programmes and nutritional plans. 


Should you desire, Rav is also happy to spar, from very light touch sparring with complete beginners, through to full contact sparring and advanced techniques for the more experienced (headgear and gloves can be provided). 


Rav's open and friendly approach will make sure you feel fully relaxed and his fun, intense and varied sessions will leave you sweating, but energised and feeling great in the knowledge you have given your all.

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