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Benefits Of Online Personal Training

Over the last 7 weeks London and the World has had to adapt and keep moving we have been asked what are the benefits of training online rather than in person.

Here are the 5 major benefits I found in working online with our clients and why it might be a great option for you as well.

1) Accountability

This is the main reason we offer online personal training. As a fitness professional myself, I know the strategies and techniques that I should follow to reach my goals. But having someone hold me accountable, who I have to report to, makes an incredible difference in my execution and results.

If you've ever had an accountability partner or coach in your business, career, or another area, chances are you know the impact this can have on results. The same goes for your fitness.

2) More Affordable

Hiring a Personal Trainer is not an inexpensive commitment. People commonly pay over £100 for one session. Online Coaching is an opportunity to work with a trainer for a fraction of that price. Yet, the client would still get all the knowledge, guidance, and programming from the professional.

3) Save Time

We found that on average our clients saved around 20 minutes PER WORKOUT after hiring an online coach. From travelling to and from the gym, getting changed, the list goes on.

Once our clients log in and see us live, we have your reps, sets, and rest periods all laid out as well. Also having specific rest periods to stick to, you will see your overall time in the gym decrease.

Online training is a great way to save time.

4) Maximize the use of your gym

This is a major reason i decided to create our online coaching program. I realized that those who couldn't afford my in-person services or weren't in my area could still benefit from my guidance.

I found that a high percentage of people who go to the gym on their own aren't sure what type of exercises would help them see real results. So they end up on the treadmill or elliptical each time.

By providing a step by step program, an online coach can help you maximize the use of your gym, eliminate some of the guesswork and also the boring cardio.

5) Not alone on your journey

 After spending over 20 years in the fitness industry in various settings, I've noticed that most people are on a constant roller coaster of being consistent for a while and then falling off track for a while.

(Not everyone, but many people are).

They may lose some weight then gain it back a few months later.

And one reason I believe so many people are experiencing this is because they are on their fitness and health journey completely on their own.

This is a lifetime journey.

It's so much easier to skip a workout, 8 workouts, a month of workouts when there is no one you have to answer to. Whether it be a workout partner, a coach, accountability partner, anyone.

Having a coach with you on the journey can be the difference maker in being on that inconsistent roller coaster or not.

At the London Gym we have been training clients from all over the world for over 20 years, we have built the perfect online personal training portal.

All our sessions are live face to face, for more information please direct message us.

Be Safe and Train Hard.

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