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Why Give Up Alcohol?

Dry January is once again upon us, to help give you some extra motivation please see below 6 reasons why its worth giving up the alcohol.


Alcohol affects levels of neurotransmitters such as GABA, which some experts believe is what causes the morning-after fear. Going teetotal is likely to benefit your mental health, improving your sleep and easing anxiety. It can take 72 hours to recover, mentally and physically, after a heavy drinking session.


Your liver may have taken a lot of punishment by now, but don’t despair. After four weeks sober, liver fat reduces by up to 15%. After a few months, your liver can return to normal. Alcohol also affects your kidneys, causing dehydration. This can be reversed, too you’ll see a difference in energy levels.


It’s a myth that a heavy night out ‘kills’ your brain cells, but it can affect them in the long term. ‘Alcohol can interfere with neurogenesis, which is your ability to make new brain cells. Even moderate drinking can lead to shrinking in the hippocampus, the area of the brain associated with memory and reasoning. But brain atrophy starts to reverse after a few dry weeks.


Reducing your intake by six pints per week will spare you roughly 1,400 calories – equivalent to the calories in a large pizza. Cutting back will likely cause a change in your eating habits, too. After drinking, the hormone that makes you feel hungry often leads to bingeing, As the bloat is banished, you can expect a flatter stomach in a week and may even drop a belt size in a month.


When you exercise, you need to be well hydrated to maintain blood flow essential for carrying oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, not only will booze leave you dehydrated, your body will be too busy battling toxins to prioritise repair and recovery. Ditch the pints and your strength and endurance will soon be topped up.

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